Meeting the behavioral health needs of patients with telepsychiatry

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T-Psychiatry bridges the gap between patients and available behavioral health providers. Our tailored solutions make it possible for telepsychiatry services to be administered in various patient care settings throughout the U.S. — including inpatient units, emergency departments, critical stabilization units and clinics – easily, securely and cost-effectively.

Using their own software or T-Psychiatry’s optional secure video conferencing technology, healthcare facilities can connect their patients to behavioral health providers, enabling care delivery where and when it is needed.

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We offer these diverse and comprehensive telemedicine solutions:
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Hospitals & Health Systems
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Clinics & Outpatient Settings
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Locum Tenens Psychiatry
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Behavioral Health Providers

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If you’re a primary care physician, specialist, psychiatrist or other behavior health provider looking for job opportunities, please view our nationwide listing of part-time, full-time, onsite and telemedicine openings.
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